Using your Cricut to make your bullet journal stand out/ March Planner Flip Through



Can you believe that spring is almost here? With a new month comes new pages in my Bullet Journal/Planner. This month I challenged myself to use my Cricut to create my pages. I love the result, it really makes my pages stand out!

I mostly used my Cricut to cut out the background of my pages. I did this for two reasons.

#1 I bought a cheap artist notebook. Last year I bought a pricier one but I couldn’t find it. As a result I have bleed through. (Now I just have to get through it so I can get a new one lol!)

#2 I love the paper it looks so pretty!

This month I went with a tropical theme mostly because it starts with a mother/daughter trip to Ontario California for a Pinterest Conference.

This calendar I made with my Cricut Explorer Air. I made a calendar template with Cricut Design space. I used the drawing feature and let my Cricut draw the lines, since I am horrible at drawing a straight line. LOL!



This goal page is my favorite. I love the pineapple paper which is why the journal rectangle is in the corner so I can look at this beautiful paper and smile. The background was cut to perfection using my cricut.

Can you tell what I am doing this week? That’s right I cam going to the Pinners Conference in California. I used scraps to add the palm trees and cut out each day square with my Cricut. Plus look at this adorable car that I was able to cut with my Cricut.

The following pages I used my Cricut to cut out the day squares and the background paper.

On this page I decided to start writing down all the compliments I get from my loved ones. Than on days that are hard to get out of bed, or the day just seems to go wrong I can look at this page and remember how loved I am. I cut out these two art deco ladies from my Cricut I thought that it went perfectly with the quote.

I pretty much just cut out the background on these two pages. One page is recipes that my family enjoys and the other page is so that I can keep up with my blog.


Last but not lease I had to do a page so I can write down my favorite memories from our trip. Look at this cute California and pinterest pin that my Cricut cut out!

I love using a bullet journal/planner as a creative outlet to get organized. What do you do to stay organized? What would you like to know about bullet journals?

14 thoughts on “Using your Cricut to make your bullet journal stand out/ March Planner Flip Through

  1. Love this! Such a creative way to spruce up a boring product. It looks super cute 🙂 Is the cricut super expensive? I feel like theres so much you can do, it may be worth the investment.

  2. Love this! I don’t have a Cricut, but have a friend who does and she absolutely LOVES it and may even be addicted to it, LOL! I keep looking at one… may need to take the leap!

  3. What a great use of the Cricut to make a beautiful bullet journal! I admit, I don’t have one of either, but if I did, I would want to take some shortcuts to make something like this. Inspiring me!

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