This Mommy Tries to Watch a Movie: An honest review on “The Crimes of GrindelWald” review from 3 people


The world of Harry Potter all began 21 years ago. I remember reading the first book and being transformed into a magical world. I remember the eagerness I felt at the beginning of each book and movie. When I had the pleasure to watch the newest movie in the franchise I jumped with the same eagerness I had as a child. This time however was different I had my 13 year old daughter Meg with me.

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Meg is a super fan. She took my love of the series to a whole new level. Meg has read the books several times, watched the movies until they wore out. (Now we have digital and it has already saved us!) Megs even started a Harry Potter fan club in elementary school. To say she is a super fan is an understatement. Than, there is my husband.

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My husband loves Harry Potter too. Mark and I went to the last release of the Deathly Hallows together. I was pregnant with Megs, maybe that’s where her love developed. Mark however he went to school to make films. So he looks at things differently. I love this about him, for he will give you things to think about. He can’t help it, he is by nature a story teller.


Now that you have a glimpse into our magical lives, I will review this movies in three ways. One from my point of view as mother, one from Meg’s point of view as a super fan, and one from my hubby’s point of view as a story teller.


A mother’s review,


My first thought when we left the theater was how dark this movie was. It has a pg-13 rating and I agree with it. If you have younger children who love the Wizarding world but get scared easily than I would perhaps skip this movie. With out spoiling anything there is a lot of death in this movie. I did like this movie, there where a lot of twist most in a good way. It was also fun to see Hogwarts again, in a new light. Overall I wouldn’t show this movie to young children, or children that easily get scared but as a date night without the kids for sure go and see it.

A super fans review.


When Megs left the theater she was in awe. For her this movie answered to so many questions, and than it gave her new things to ponder. As a super fan she said this movie took her into the wizarding world and left her wanting more. When I asked what she liked about the movie she said she like the main plot and seeing how everything came to be for the series she loves. Megs would recommend this movie to anyone who loves Harry Potter.

A story Teller’s review.


Mark left the theater asking a lot of questions. To him there was lot of plot holes and unnecessary storylines. He is still trying to figure what certain parts had to do with the movie’s overall plot. The CGI was good but overall the movie just didn’t make since to him. Mark would recommend you going to see this movie so you know what is going on in the next movie. Maybe even waiting for redbox.


If you love Harry Potter as much as my family does than this movie should be on your list. I still prefer the books, which I would recommend an audio. Jim Dale narrates it and it is amazing ! Have you seen the movie yet? Which is your favorite wizarding movie from the world Harry Potter?

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