This mommy tries to relax with a good book! January book list

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The New Year is practically here, and I love to read. On my last book blog post, I read a lot of comments about not having time to read. I totally get it. With just being a parent it is hard to find that time.

So on my book list I have three books. The first one I call my purse book, this is a book I keep in my purse. I read it when I am waiting. For example picking up my amazing daughter from school. I have waited for over 20mins for her to finish an activity. While I am waiting I am reading my purse book.

The second book on my list is my audio book. This is the one I have downloaded a is playing while I am getting other things done. Mainly when I clean my house I am listening to an audio book. I know audio books sound expensive but here are some free resources for you so you can get free audio books.

1. The Library, I know this might common sense. However aside from audio books on CD, did you know that most libraries also have a digital website? In Utah and Arizona our library uses a site called Overdrive. On this digital site you can download free audio books, kindle books and even magazines. It works just like going to the actual library. You look at the selection, if they have what you want you borrow it. Our library has a max of 14 days borrowing time. At the end of the 14 days it automatically goes back. So NO LATE FEES. This is huge for me, late fees have stopped me from using the library before but not anymore!
2. Castbox- Castbox is where I listen to podcast, however I was pleasantly surprised to learn they also have an audiobook section. This comprises mostly of classics. Such as Jane Austen, Oscar Wilde, Lucy Maud Montgomery plus many more!
3. YouTube. YouTube is another place I was surprised had a nice collection of audio books. However keep in mind some of the books are being read by people who are not use to reading out loud so it can take a couple of tries before finding a reader you like.
Bonus Tip
Did you know that if you have amazon prime you can get free books from However it is a small collection of 50 books that rotate.

The last book on my list is something to read with your kids. I love reading with my daughter and now that she is older it has really gotten fun. I am a strong believer that if you read with your kids, it will not only help kids in school it will also develop a love for reading.
So without further ado here is my list of the three books I am reading this month!

1.My purse book.
Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life…And Maybe The World.
By Admiral William H. McRaven

This book has been on my want list for awhile and I just got it for Christmas. I am on Chapter three and so far what he says makes since.

2.My Audio Book
The Joy Luck Club By Amy Tan

I have wanted to read this book for awhile and I just got it off hold from Overdrive. So I am excited to listen to it!

3.A Book to read with your Kids
The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles by Julie Andrews

I had no idea that Julie Andrews (from Mary Poppins) wrote a book! With a five star review (With over 300 reviews) I am excited to introduce this book with my family.

Wither you are reading in the pick up lane at school, listening to an audio book or reading with your kids I hope you find something in this small list to help you. What are you reading this month? What is the best book you have read?

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32 thoughts on “This mommy tries to relax with a good book! January book list

  1. Sounds fun dear! A perfect way to bond with the kids is through reading. Reading activities will develop not only the reading skills but also the listening skills. Thanks for this!

  2. As a fellow book lover I am also surprised to learn about YouTube having audio books. I am biased and love my print but that is a nice option to listen while walking

  3. I’m also very guilty of loving to read but not prioritizing it into my schedule. I’m going to give your tips a try! I personally find audio books hard to follow and develop a connection with characters but maybe a self-help book or memoirs would be better for me!

  4. I used to think Audiobooks weren’t for me, but I now find them so beneficial. You still get to enjoy a good book without having to make the time to sit down and read which isn’t always possible. It’s also a little more entertaining.

  5. I really like that you find time to read. I need to do that in my own life. I have a long list of books I WANT to read, but I never actually do… I had no idea about audio books being available for free, I think that would work so much better into my busy life than being able to read an actual paper filled book. im going to look at my local resources, thanks for the idea!

  6. Reading a book with a cup of coffee in the early morning in my apartment balcony is the best relaxation for me. But now I don’t have enough time for that, I’ll try to find some time to read at least two pages of a book everyday.

  7. These all look like great options to start up with. I have been looking to get into a good book soon as well. I’m a bit picky though when it comes to how much of my attention it takes. I’ll have to see if any of these work out, thanks for sharing!

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