This mommy tries to have the perfect Christmas! Saying goodbye to expectations and hello to joy!

I’m sitting in my living room watching a Hallmark movie and checking out instagram. If I dare to look over the top of my laptop, I see box filled with wrapping supplies in one corner, a homemade gift project to my left, and a sewing mess, right in the middle of the room. In the kitchen there is dishes from the last night and tonight’s meals. The front room has piles of school drop offs, such as coats backpacks etc.

Swimming around in my head are my perfect holiday expectations.

I have expectations of having energy to make the perfect sugar cookies, expectations that my child will want to decorate the tree with me, expectations that picture perfect Christmas memories, are about to happen. The reality as evidence of the mess I’m sitting in, is nothing compare to my expectations. Why do we do this to ourselves? What makes it okay to set our expectations beyond our grasp?


Here in my opinion is the truth, perfect is an ideal not a reality. For example when I take a picture for instagram I take a thousand and choose the right one. (I have even sent them to my sisters and have had them help me choose.) Not exposing my mistakes, only allowing my ideal of perfection to show.

Isn’t that how it is with life? We have a thousand moments in a day, some good, bad, and some even slightly embarrassing. When the first flaw of the day makes its’ ugly appearance, we allow that moment to effect our whole day. What if we allow the bad experience to pass? Take a moment and truly grasp what this means.

It is okay to have a moment where everything goes wrong, to feel those hard feelings and sometimes even cry. I know this doesn’t seem very joyful for the season. However hear me out. Pain is the key to knowing joy. To be able to truly appreciate those little moments you can’t allow the negative to be bottle up. It’s healthy to feel those emotions. Once you process them you can truly focus on the happiness of the moment.

Than instead of allowing the negative to influence our outlook on the Holiday season; we can pick those amazing moments of the day to remember.

If we did this what would happen to our outlook of the memories we have of this holiday season, compared to the last?

So as I sit here relaxing surrounded by my creative mess, here is my wish for you. I hope you find laughter among the chaos, joy amidst the clutter. I hope you allow yourself mistakes to learn from. Remember perfection is not something to aim for, so let go of the expectations and enjoy every nitty gritty moment with your loved ones. If you are trying your best than, you are doing great. Heck if your trying at all you are doing great. Don’t let a bad moment poison your day. Take a breath allow yourself to feel all those hard feelings, move on and experience the joy we as moms can sometimes deny ourselves. You are worth it, and your family is worth it.

How do you achieve the perfect Christmas?



23 thoughts on “This mommy tries to have the perfect Christmas! Saying goodbye to expectations and hello to joy!

  1. YES! LET GO OF THOSE EXPECTATIONS and just LIVE IN THE MOMENT!!! Expectations ONLY lead to disappointment and disappointment SUCKS!! I hope you have a terrific holiday simply living one day at a time!

  2. Sometimes in life, you just have to roll with the punches. At times expectations will serve me well but most of the time I will remove that and just take ‘what is’ and what life offers. Sometimes expectations will end up in a disappointing and when it does, it sucks!

  3. I remember last year, my daughter was one month old, and I had a horrible time during the winter holidays. She and I were unseparable for the first 3 months of her life, and I took it rather hard. I missed my independence. This year, we are in a much better place. I learned to not expect much, and I find I am always pleasantly surprised! My only wish for Christmas is finding the time for a DIY manicure 🙂

  4. This is a great reminder, especially this time of year. As I get ready for my piano Christmas recital this weekend (I teach piano lessons), I needed to read this article. It is about joy and fun, not about performing. The performance mentality can rob us of the fun moments. Thanks.

  5. It is so hard to let go of expectations around the holidays! I definitely needed to read this today as I’m freaking out about my to do list and remember to focus on what’s important. Thank you for the reminder!

  6. It can be really hard to let go of perfection in today’s world. Trying to just enjoy this holiday season with my family and worry less about making it perfect!

  7. Yes there’s no need to stress over making everything perfect. The holidays are all about enjoying time with and appreciating your loved ones. That’s what makes it perfect!

  8. So beautifully written. You are so right that the less than perfect moments have a way of ruining the day. I, too, am trying to focus on the great memories occurring each day (especially this time of year). I’m learning to embrace the “perfectly imperfect” 🙂

  9. Perfect is for sure the enemy of good. Savor the good moments cause life isn’t perfect. Just being with family in it’s ups and downs is perfect.

  10. This year I let myself off the hook and didn’t do ANY decorations, or gift wrapping. I got everyone gift cards and I am allowing myself to be okay with taking a break!

  11. I can totally relate, I spent so many Christmases trying to make everything perfect and expecting so much joy and happiness but in the end I ended up with a huge bill to pay and often felt like what a let down and so much stress. These days I have been making the holidays less stressful by planning months ahead for shopping so I skip the last minute holiday shopping and I have downsized the huge meal and prep early so I can have time to enjoy with my family.

  12. Thank you for all these words of wisdom. I like how timely this is for the holidays, now I reflect on the things that truly matter and not get “prefection” get in the way to my happiness. Cheers to the holidays!

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