This Mommy Tries to give Budget Friendly Gifts! 5 Gifts that won’t break the bank!

The Holiday season is here! After the excitement wears off the panic sets in. Maybe you have neighbors, friends or coworkers that you need to give a gift to. While homemade cookies and sweets are always welcomed sometimes I don’t have time to bake! So here are my five quick, easy and affordable gifts that I go to every year.

These 5 gifts are perfect for anyone on your list!

Gift 1&2 $2.00

Left Center Right

Our family loves this game! This gift is easy to make or buy. I was able to find this game at the dollar store! All I do is attach the game, to a bag of candy, it really doesn’t get easier than this!

This Left Center Right game can be found at Dollar Tree!


If your dollar store doesn’t have the left center right game you can make it!

All you need is three dice, a bag of candy and the instructions (See image below). We use the candy as tokens, but you could also use pennies, pieces of paper, or really anything.

We give this gift with a bag of candy and an extra reminder card that lets them know what each number means.


Right Click and save image as to download and use!
Right Click and save image as to  download and use!

Gift 3 $1.30

My daughter came home last week and announced she would like to get her whole softball team Christmas gifts. Now that she is not in elementary school, it means no class party. This means I am totally okay with her doing something nice for all of her new friends. However, money can be tight so I like to buy in bulk. This year she is giving squishys out to her teammates and friends. Squishys are like stress ball made in cute shapes, animals, or even food. Kids go crazy for them! Instead of going to the store and buying individual ones, I buy in bulk from amazon. This  pack has glitter ones and has just enough for $9.99 which is about $.62 cents a a squishy. I than put it in a round magnetic canister. My daughter is giving it as a locker pet. However it be called a backpack pet, Desk pet, or even a pocket buddy. If I still worked in a cubicle I know a few people I would give this to and they are so cute! The extra squishys are going to be stocking stuffers!

Right Click and save image as to download and use!
This is a magnetic canister which is perfect for lockers



Gift 4 $3.00

This is my go to teacher gift every year. If you have more than one kid, or teacher and are on a budget than this gift should be on your radar. A redbox gift card. I buy 5 promo codes at a time for $8.75. Than I get a bag of popcorn and some cookies Print off this cute card. BAM! Instant teacher gift. I give these to coworkers, neighbors,and  friends. I have them in the closet just in case I need something quick. nothing is more relaxing than watching a movie with your family and it is under $5! Plus I always have a couple left over for stocking stuffers. My kids love that they get to pick out their own movie!

Right Click and save image as to download and use!

Gift 5 $5.00

Build a snowman kit. This is a fun gift to give someone who has a bunch of kids. I live in AZ where is does not snow, so this is a kind of fun project that will become a tradition. This gift needs Frosting, Big Marshmallows, pretzels (sticks work best) and candy. We like to get a variety, like gumdrops, fruit roll ups, and m&ms. I attach this cute card. This is a fun alternative to a ginger bread house and kids love it.

If you love where snow is in abundance, (we just moved here from UT ) This is a warm activity.

The christmas tress are made from sugar cones 
Right Click and save image as to download and use!


Wither it’s for a close friend or a teacher these five gifts are sure to be gift pleasers! And the best part is it wont break the bank, and it is something fun you can do with your family! What are your got Christmas gifts?

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23 thoughts on “This Mommy Tries to give Budget Friendly Gifts! 5 Gifts that won’t break the bank!

  1. Thank you so much for this list!

    We do a Yankee Gift Swap at work and I was really at a loss. This post sparked a great idea though!

    I’m going to get a pack of redbox gift cards and make a movie pack! Popcorn, some candy, all in a nice basket. Perfect for either gender!

    Thanks for the great list of ideas! I never knew I could get a Redbox gift card. I also need to check out that game. It looks really interesting and like something my family would LOVE!

  2. These are some great gift ideas for moms. They are unique and useful. I was in search of a budget friendly gift idea. Thanks for sharing.

  3. these are some really great ideas! I love the idea of giving games as gifts, because it’s more of an experience than an item. Guaranteed family time 👌🏻

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