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If you have been following me on Instagram than you know that last week I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Pinners conference in Ontario CA, on a mother daughter road trip. The last time I went away with my mom I was 17, about to conquer adult life. This time I’m in my 30’s still trying to figure out my way in this complicated world. This vacation without the chaos of home was much needed. Today I am going to talk about the perks of having a VIP Ticket, Shopping, and the Classes.

We arrived to California from AZ on Thursday to The Marriot Residence Inn Ontario Airport. This was a great location, it was right across the street the convention center. Right away we were upgraded to the Penthouse Suite . I had never been in a penthouse before so this was a treat. When we walked in it was like a walking into a two story apartment. Once we got settled it was time to get ready to party!


My mom bought me VIP tickets for my birthday and it made all the difference to our experience. The VIP Perks are as follows :

VIP Swag Bag

VIP Party

VIP Lounge

Unlimited Classes

VIP Line Placement

Early admittance to the conference

The VIP Swagbag was AMAZING! It was filled to the brim with goodies from shops that participated in the conference. It included samples, and even full sized products and jewelry. ( I have a video of the swag bag haul coming soon) Here are some of my favorite items.


The VIP party was the kick off to the pinners conference and it was so much fun!!! Imagine walking into to a room filled with people who love the things you do? That is what I felt like and it was a rush of pure excitement! There where booths set up by the sponsors of the conference doing free crafty make and takes. There was appetizers and raffles. By the end of the night you are eager to start the next day.

VIP free Make and Take


With the VIP Ticket you are able to get into the Conference a ½ hour earlier than everyone else. This is a lot of fun because you get to really meet the vendors. By the end of the conference it was like we had become friends with so many of the shop owners!


VIP Free Make and Take

Plus you were able to go to the front of the line for classes and standby lines (if the class was sold out, they had a standby line) this part was AMAZING!!!

When you got a little tired at the conference we had a VIP lounge we were allowed to relax in. They had complimentary soda and water for us as well as charging stations for our phones. It was nice to get out of the busy conference and relax for a little bit.


After relaxing it was time to learn by taking some classes!

Cute Kitchen Classroom at Pinners

I took a variety of classes from cooking and crafting to planning and vision boards. I learned so much and I would fully recommend these classes to anyone wanting to enhance their experience at the Pinners conference. What I enjoy most was the positive upbeat vibe the teachers had. They were excited to be there, and you felt it. Although you can attend any class without buying a kit, having the kit does enhance the experience. I bought a kit for three of the four classes that offered them. The one class I didn’t was a painting class, and since I wasn’t do it with the class I was easily board. ( This was at no fault of the person teaching the class, there was just a lot of silence since she was waiting for others to catch up or fully understand what she was teaching.) The cooking classes were excellent and did not require a kit, and now I have some healthy food ideas. So overall I would pick classes based on budget, and desire.

Vision Board and Pretty Planner Class kit taught  by Carrie Lindsey @
Class kit from Hand Lettering class by Lisa Funk @

By the end of the conference it felt like my mom and I were part of a community. The vendors for the most part were just small family companies. I bought a lot of goodies for family, friends and myself you can see in the picture below.

In the end I would recommend Pinners for anyone who loves to go on Pinterest for ideas from dinner and décor to parenting, and crafting. This conference was very much like the website coming to life. From the VIP experience, the shopping and the classes this is great conference to explore and learn from. I know my mom and I are planning our next conference!

21 thoughts on “The Perks of Having a VIP Tickets at Pinners Conference

  1. Wow, that is so cool! I’ve never heard of this before, but definitely sounds like something I wish I could be part of! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. That’s nice of your mom to get VIP for you. A sweet gesture. The conference sounds interesting as well. Yes, it’s a good chance to have met many friendly vendors. You learned so many things. I had never been to an event and learn everything at the same time.

  3. Having VIP tickets is definitely happy and it’s interesting to hear that your mom got a VIP ticket for you. Thanks for sharing.

  4. First of all I am glad you enjoyed the events. I think any tickets are great but VIP totally sounds worthy. I am glad you enjoyed and all of those perks

  5. Looks like you really enjoyed everything for that VIP pass!! I love VIP passes as it makes the experience more memorable for me.. the swapbag looks amazing!!

  6. I have never been to a Pinners conference. Thank you for your post. I have never really used Pinterest, now I have downloaded it on my phone and ready to take on the creative world. Thank you! Looks like you had an amazing time too! Plus – your Mum rocks!

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