5 Easter Baskets Under $10.00

Can you believe that Easter is almost here???  If you are like me you still have a lot to do! When it comes to Easter Baskets it seems like they get more and more elaborate! However in my house we try really hard to stick to a $10.00 or under Easter Basket. So today I am going to show you five Easter Baskets that I created for under $10.00 and three tips on how you can do it too!

Before we start I have to give you my first tip! When it comes to any gift giving opportunity I always suggest to shop in the clearance sales. You can find some crazy deals for any occasion! I also recommend shopping year round with upcoming holidays and birthdays in mind. Not only will this save you money it will save you time. That being said most of the baskets in this post I found the main item on clearance.

In this post I will link where you can find the easter goodies as well, however they won’t be at clearance prices.


I found this Barbie and I feel in love!  I think she is unique and so cute I really don’t want to give her away. I want to keep her for myself! Beekeeper Barbie is usually priced at $20.99 but I was able to find her at Target on clearance for $6.98 I paired her up with an Easter Bunny from Russell Stover, a Rice Crispy Treat  and then put in some Easter Eggs for added fun! All Together this Easter basket costed $8.73

This basket is not really a basket but a fun gift bag for an infant! Included is this adorable Tag Along Monster Dottie. I love that it has different textures on it and the top wheel spins to show different eyes. This is the perfect toy for a diaper bag that will keep your cuties busy for a long time. I also included Easter Egg Maracas that I made, by putting uncooked rice in an Easter egg. Glueing the egg shut and Duct Taping the egg shut with fun looking tape. The price for this Easter Gift Bag was $3.00.

This Basket was a little different, along with a Russell Stover bunny; it included a HotWheels Car that I found on clearance for $.55 cents! In the Easter egg I put a $5.00 bill. This basket was inspired by my nephew who loves to save money! So instead of buying something big I contributed to his saving goals. (Which I think includes a video game, lol!) This Easter basket cost $6.75


This brings me to my Tip #2! Reuse your old baskets. There is something that I really don’t like about the flimsy cheap Easter baskets you buy at the store.I always end up throwing them away!  So a few years ago I bought a nice durable basket. It doubles during the year as a trinket collector in my daughter’s room. Than the night before Easter I have my daughter put it out and I fill it. This has not only saved me money but also sanity!

With so many little girls in my family this basket turned out to be my favorite! It includes a homemade paper bag basket, a Russell Stover chocolate bunny and this adorable scented cupcake doll! I love giving dolls for gifts, and I like how that doll transforms into a cupcake sparking imagination!  I found this doll at my local Kroger for under $1.00 making this basket only $3.00

This basket was inspired by my daughter. Megs loves art and so when I was looking at the Hobby Lobby Clearance section I knew I found the objects perfect for her basket. In this basket I have a box of chocolate by Russell Stover. I chose the box for Megs because she is a teenager and thought it was a little more grown up. This also has a sketch pad that I found at Hobby Lobby for $1.99. Than of course rice Crispy treats. I love giving gifts that allow the person to explore their talents and sparks their imagination, which is exactly what this basket does! This basket cost $4.00

Tip #3 is my favorite and it is host an Egg Swap with friends! If you have friends with kids around the same age as your kids you can go in on easter egg stuffers together and it is really easy. First decide how many eggs you want swap with your friends. Than go and pick out your egg fillers. A good product to put in  Easter eggs is party favors. Pick out a couple of items and have your friends over for a girls night! Fill your eggs, eat some dinner maybe watch a cheesy movie and then swap the amount of eggs you agreed to. It is that easy and it makes the tedious deed of filling Easter eggs so much fun!

Here are some fun party favors!


I love to give gifts, as you might have guessed it is no different when it comes to Easter. I do not overly fill kid baskets I just put in a few things I think they will like. This year I am excited to give my daughter her basket. Be sure to check out my instagram  on Easter to see if I made my goal of a $10.00 Easter Basket! Also Check out My youtube channel to get more details on the baskets I wrote about today!


What is in your kids Easter Basket?

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19 thoughts on “5 Easter Baskets Under $10.00

  1. These are fantastic ideas for this last-minute shopping mama. This is a huge help for me! I have a hard time figuring out what my kids would like these days

  2. Great ideas! My husband and I always joke every year that we’re going to get all of the leftover clearance candy from the last holiday and put it in their baskets. Will they really care if they have a zombie chocolate bar and red hearts gummies from Valentine’s? I don’t think their tummies would mind, anyway! LOL

  3. Wow I’m so impressed that you were able to find such cool stuff for so cheap! I think sometimes we can get carried away with spending, when really a few heartfelt items are worth so much more. Thank you some great inspiration!

  4. I always forget that for a kid less than $10 is still a goldmine! I felt like I didn’t do enough for my son’s Easter basket this year but he was just as happy as if I’d gone all out. Thanks for sharing!

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